Friday, 2 January 2009

An Eayrs sells the world …

I found this on Flikr, entitled: " Seller's Description: 1859 Bill for Terrestrial Globe Boston Book Manufactory

"Billhead of Loring & Eayrs, 136 Washington Street, Boston, operators of a blank book manufactory, and dealers in stationery, drawing materials, writing paper, globes, maps, etc. Bill sent to G. & C. Merriam, publishers of Webster's Dictionary. Condition: mailing folds; offset impressions at bottom; toning, minor creasing. Otherwise VG. 5 1/4" X 7 7/8".

If anyone knows who this Eayrs is I would be pleased to hear from you. - just add a comment and it will reach me.


NorthTexasGardening said...

641 JOSIAH LORING FAIRBANKS of Boston Mass 317 John VII Isaiah VI Jabez V George IV Jonathan III George II Jonathan I Born in Boston in 1810 died in Needham Nov 25 1875 He resided in Boston with a summer residence in Needham and carried on business in Boston for many years having been the founder of the well known firm of JL Fairbanks & Co blank book manufacturers and stationers This business was established in 1798 by Benjamin and Josiah Loring In 1810 they removed to what is now 288 Washington Street and in 1841 Mr Fairbanks who from a boy had been in the employ of the house became a partner under the firm name of Eayrs & Fairbanks Mr Eayrs retired in 1861 when until 1860 Mr Fairbanks conducted the business on his own account at that date Mr Horace G Tucker was admitted to the firm when it assumed its present name This house has occupied the same location for eighty four years 576 FAIRBANKS GENEALOGY

Martin Eayrs said...

Many thanks for this - very interesting. I'd always supposed that this Eayrs (no first name, sadly) must have come down from the same Boston Eayrs family that spawned George Washington Eayrs (see here for connections up and down from Moses and Prudence).

I know GWE had at least one brother (William) - he may have had more. And this Eayrs in 'Eayrs and Fairbanks' may come down through a family member here.

Or not! We can but look for further clues.

Any way, thanks for the contribution ..